Public Speaking and Book Reviews

“You have done your research well. I believe your concept for seminars is very good. Thanks for your help this year and good luck on future projects.”

Crime Prevention Unit, Boise, ID Police Dept.

“The most complete documentation of drug and alcohol abuse I have ever seen. Necessary and important for all groups.”

LARUE CORBIN, PHD, Professor of Psychology,
College of the Redwoods, Fort Bragg, CA

“Riveting. Very professional. I was mesmerized by your entire presentation. You had the audience on the edge of their seats.”

Larry Bennett, Education Services Manager,
Junior Achievement, Burbank, CA

“Your course was wonderful; I want my children to hear it.”

Dianna Howard, The Hewlett Packard Corp.

“This book absolutely moved me at my core. This man is a hero. He’s an enormous human being, one of my favorite people and we love having him on the show.”

DonnaMarie Recco, Host of Let’s Talk Recovery Radio and Actress (Law and Order, Analyze This—Analyze That, Auto Focus)

“Your presentation made a notable impact on every member of my team, and so, we endorse your book as part of an overall prevention program for all our parent-teacher groups.”

Lori Vollandt, Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Advisors 

“Here are the reasons I will be using your book as a working supplemental text in our course entitled, ‘Substance Abuse in Special Populations’:
* Brings in here and now situations into the classroom.
* Talks about the special population of prison life.
* Has an excellent addictionary of terms.
* Can be easily used for tests and quizzes.
* Easy to read and understand.

Orlando Rivera, CATC 
Alcohol and Drug Studies Division,
Health and Science Department
Glendale Community College

“The work Mr. Farris is doing has the potential of helping a lot of people in our community. He has an incredible story and message and is uniquely qualified to speak to the youth who most need to hear his message.”

Robin Bradley Kar, Associate Professor of Jurisprudence and Law
Loyola Marymount University

“Kids who will not read a book read this book!”

Lorraine Weiner, Librarian,
Inglewood High School

“I encourage every school in Los Angeles, especially those in my District, to take advantage of the programs that Mr. Farris and his Foundation have to offer.”

Former Los Angeles City Councilman, the late Bill Rosendahl

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